Bloomington Jr. High School Baseball

Welcome to the Bloomington Jr. High School Baseball team website!

Thanks so much for everyone who tried out for the 2013 BJHS baseball team.  Cuts were not easy this year as we had over 30 6th and 7th graders try out and 22 8th graders.  For those who did not make the team, please continue to play and come back out next year, whether it is in high school or at BJHS.

Congratulations to the players who did make the team.  The teams are posted below and at the front entrance of BJHS.  Also, we will practice starting tomorrow.  The practice schedule for the rest of this week is as follows:

Wednesday, Aug. 7   A Team – 2:30-4:30   B Team – 3:30-5:30
Thursday, Aug. 7      A Team – 2:30-4:30    B Team – 3:30-5:30
Friday, Aug. 9            A Team – 2:30-4:30    B Team – 3:30-5:30
Saturday, Aug. 10    Both Teams – 2:00-4:00
There will be a parent meeting in the cafeteria at BJHS following practice on Saturday.  Enter the school through the SOUTH BUS DOORS.

2013 BJHS Baseball Rosters

A Team

Cole Bahan
Carter Burns
Adam Burris
Zach Burris
Connor Christiansen
Jack Henry
Brian Jome
Alex Lapinski
Noah Masemore
Jonathon McCullough
Brandon McNamara
Nathan Parson
Reid Rector
Colton Sandage
Djibril Thiam
Keeton Upton
Managers: David Machek and Jose Medel

B Team

Trenton Bankes
R.J. Bryant
Ethan Crutcher
Connor Finnigan
Zach Fortier
Jake George
Jesse Goropesek
Rylan Hambleton
Drew Harris
Caleb Kennel
Trey Mortimer
Brady Neuhaus
Adrian Perez
Nick Sharp
Kameron Wilson
Managers: Simon Fields, Ryan Gardner, Alec Imhof

Howard Saar Field

Howard Saar Field